GoGetFunding Campaign – Need To Relocate

We're in a South East Asian Country where my Wife is from, we just managed to renew our marriage visa but unfortunately the immigration system here is very strict and you have 2 choices, go through the application yourself or pay an agent. This year the agent doubled the price and I reluctantly paid, however, we were making a plan B prior to this by renewing my wife's passport. We can't continue like this so I've been looking into alternatives, we also can't return to the UK because of the cruel MIR set in place by current government. (see here )

I have since found a 3rd country (Georgia) where we can go and settle and live normally so I can concentrate on video production, I also have a fellow Bitchuter Victor Hugo there who I can meet and make videos with.

The Target of $5000 that I have specified on my GoGetFunding here, should help us to fly there (10 hrs), Get accustomed to how things work there with rent etc and visit some hotspots to include on my website. I see there are many beautiful churches and medieval buildings which are relevant and my friend will also help us.

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