Our Mission

Dissident7.com and the corresponding video channels on Bitchute, Rumble, Brighteon, Gab and X were started by myself and my wife who are both purebloods and truthseekers. Our dream is to develop this site further as a beacon if Government censorship on Western Platforms becomes unbearable we will still be shining!

At present I am building this site and posting the videos part time whilst also working 24/7 at my other online jobs to pay the bills. As I am an experienced web consultant with over a decades experience I have some good connections for obtaining an offshore server and the plan is to increase the storage capacity for videos (Most other blogs ONLY embed videos from Youtube, Rumble etc so if they are removed at the source the embed also goes).

If you like the idea and want to help it would be a miracle! We have already included Paypal and Crypto on the site but you can also use these banks:

Email Me at for Bank Transfer Account Details – I Have Accounts in these currencies for Wire Transfer: ($US, $CAD, £GBP, $AUD, €EUR, $NZD, $SGD, HUF, TRY, RON)

Revolut or Stripe for Card Payment

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