Good News for The Website – Upgrades Incoming – Thank You Donators.

Here at we have been busy the last few days renewing the Website Hosting and the Domain hosting so this will guarentee the website running smoothly until April 2025.

We would like to say thank you to a generous donator who donated on March 5th, this has allowed us to upgrade to unlimited video hosting. As mentioned previously, we host all videos unlike other websites and blogs who simply embed them (Which can be removed or censored by the source video platform at anytime.)

We will continue to ensure the most important videos related to the recent “Global Coup D'tat” (To Quote Arch Bishop Vigano) remain hosted and on various independent outposts (Not the Big Tech Monopoly Sites). The Latter effort is critical if we are to build a parrallel economy to ensure freedom of the press is upheld.

We currently have the comments section on each of our pages here which has proven to be quite popular and I will be looking into ways to expand this feature. I've added a Radio page by request of our friends at Ghost Privacy Coin, which I believe is a nice added feature with a range of modern music. Most of the Advertisements on the website are services from businesses who share our values and we know are beneficial for visitors.

Look out for much more content such as more written blog posts and original video's such as the podcasts spoken by myself the website owner.

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