Memories of My Teenage Trip To Gibraltar in 1998

Me with a Barbary Macaque Monkey Native To Gibraltar

I recently became aware of a network of interesting “Truther” websites based out of Gibraltar and it made me reflect on my childhood vacations with family and one such place I was lucky to visit was “The Rock of Gibraltar” (An Overseas British Territory).

Born From a somewhat Suburban middle class family I was lucky to attend a couple of cruise ship vacation holidays, this time aboard the P&Q Oriana vessel headed around several Mediterranean sight-seeing stops including Naples (Italy), Leaning Tower of Pisa (Italy) and Sardina Island (Italy). Naturally after our ship embarked from Southampton in the United Kingdom, the first destination we arrived at was Gibraltar at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea.

Tony Farrell (Pictured Below) is a great personality living in Gibraltar and made a number of excellent “Truther” Posts regarding the dangerous experimental Covid-19 Vaccines, I have shared one of his videos here regarding the Plandemic.

Besides Tony's regular protest posts on topics such as the Gaza Genocide, the 7/7 False Flag Bombings in London and the suffocating Face Mask Madness , he also calls out the great pretender WEF King Charles III and requested he return the crown to The King of Kings, Lord of Lords at St Michaels Cave at His Fortress of The Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar will always have a special place in my heart and I feel it was destiny that I stumbled upon their network of websites, in fact I believe one of the site owners (Douglas aka Widetracker) had seen one of my videos and emailed me a link to,, and

I find the above websites a great wealth of information for my own relationship with the most high God and have been exploring the pearls within whenever I find spare time daily, the forum is very active and they also have a Bitchute video channel.

Tony Farrell's Placard Calling Out The Pretender King Charles

Above is a closer look at Tony Farrell's Placard placed at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar. The main components for the originally envisaged placard were purchased in the Emerald Isle – Ireland – The Island of Destiny and also has a section related to Ireland which I find interesting.

I had known for a long time that my Grandmother's surname was “O'Leary” with her parents (My Great Grandparents) being from County Cork. I'm a bit saddened as I heard recenly that I may have been able to acquire Irish citizenship , actually I WOULD have been able to acquire Irish citizenship if my father had registered in the foreign birth's registry before 1986 (But he didn't).

Returning to the topic of website, I also met a good friend Corrion with an Irish name and also sharing my surname, the coincidences keep mounting up! Corrion has written a number of great articles which you can read here entitled “Guaranteed Solution to Every Problem on This Planet

In conclusion to this short blog post I hope the daily visitors of my website are able to checkout the aforementioned resources and gain a wealth of spiritual insight and keep up to date with the latest truther news. I will post more on topics such as in future when I able to concentrate in more detail because as many of you know I am living overseas and from time to time I have issues with visas (such as now) that I need to take care of. They say the ideal blog post is around this length anyhow, nice and Bitesize with a dash of journalist intrigue!

May The Force of Love (God) Be With You


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