More Covid Vaccine Truth Seeping Out Via MSM Telegraph Newspaper in The UK

So every now and again we get an article like this coming out in the mainstream media reinforcing what us unjabbed conspiracy nuts have known all along, that Covid Jabs are unsafe. (The ITV interview with a Cardiologist being another example below)

Despite these nuggets of truth now being within sight of the average sheeple, they seem to be airbrushed in layer of fluff and excuses. I think due to the latter drip feeding technique it gives the culprits a way to ease the normie public into the truth without allowing to get too enraged all in one go, anyhow I just felt the need to write this short blurb because whenever I see these kind of posts which give us unvaccinated a hope of some vindication, I restrain myself from showing my parents who are probably on their 7th Booster because I know its impossible to break their trance! Is anybody else in a similar situation?

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