Microscopy Work Done on Pfizer Vaccine By Ricardo Delgado

On this website we like to cover all possibilities and we are a big fan of Ricardo Delgado's microscopy work on the Covid injectables as well as Dr Pablo Campra. How can we know the true purpose without examining the vials ourselves? is it just mRNA or is something much deeper going on here.

We know from funeral director's Richard Hirschman and John O'looney that strange white fiberous clots are forming in “vaccinated” people which they only began seeing after 2021. What is interesting is you can see from La Quinta Columna's “Incubated Pfizer Vaccine” above is that it simulates human body temperature at 37°, the results are stunning, you can see it begins to form long spidery type strands.

Ricardo Delgrado and Dr Pablo Campra have previously proved that Graphene was found in the vials of several brands of Covid Vaccines through Raman Spectroscopy , the full PDF of Dr Pablo Campra's findings can be seen here and on his Research Gate Scientist Profile.

So what is happening in the video above? are these magnetic Graphene strands forming and what is the purpose of this structure? Is this what is causing the strange new pathology of white rubbery clots in the deseased who often “died suddenly”? If anybody has seen a video that examines the chemical structure of the “clots”, please let us know.

Richard D Hall did a good analysis of Dr Campra's work in his documentary “Brain Jabbed” and was able to save a copy of Corona2Inspect (Mick Anderson's) PDF and video theory on the possibility of Nano Antenna inside the jabs. You can see in the image above the comparison between proposed Nano Attenna's being worked on by scientists and the microscopy images taken by Dr Pablo Campra.

Dissident7's Final Thoughts

Personally I think we may be dealing with different contents in vials in different locations, mRNA may be in some batches, Placebo's in others and Graphene in the rest.

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