Remember When Ursula Von Der Leyen Said We Need To Talk About MANDATORY Vaccines?


I was looking across various videos on Twitter(X) this week and I saw this old clip of Ursula Von Der Leyen above and thought it needs to stay in circulation for historical records.

The powers that be would have really liked to foist mandatory “vaccines” on us wouldn't they but how would they carry that out? I think it was hot air more than anything to see how far they could push it. (After all it was their first Plandemic so they were just testing the waters and seeing what they could get away with).

Obviously we saw this pushed the hardest in the EU because they are unarmed, where as in the United States it has the 2nd Ammendment and they didn't even bother to pull that nonsense there. Funnily enough they floated the idea of mandatory vaccines in Austria the most but it later turned out to be a bluff as many of us guessed it was.

As most of the readers on this site know, the “vaccine” was a cover story for something else, whether that was a “Experimental Gene Therapy” (One they knew would have casualties) or some kind of Nano Sensory Graphene particle technology I'm yet to conclude on. One thing we know is the Nuremberg code was definitely violated and humanity experienced a “Global Coup D'tat” to quote Archbishop Vigano.

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