Unlawful Invasive Chinese Style Facial Recognition Camera’s Creeping Into UK Boots Retail Stores


Thoughts on Facial Recognition Camera's

Facial recognition cameras pose significant intrusions into personal privacy and raise serious legal and ethical concerns. Firstly, they operate by capturing and analyzing individuals' facial features without their consent or awareness, violating the fundamental right to privacy. This constant surveillance can create a pervasive atmosphere of scrutiny, where individuals feel constantly monitored and unable to freely move about without being tracked.

Moreover, facial recognition technology is prone to errors and biases, leading to wrongful identifications and potential discrimination, especially against marginalized communities. Studies have shown that these systems often exhibit higher error rates for women and people of color.

Facial Recognition System In CCP China Social Credit System

From a legal standpoint, the use of facial recognition cameras raises questions about compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe and similar laws worldwide. The indiscriminate collection and storage of facial data without explicit consent violate principles of data protection and may result in unauthorized use or data breaches, further compromising individuals' privacy rights.

Furthermore, the deployment of facial recognition cameras lacks sufficient transparency and accountability mechanisms. Citizens are often unaware of where and how their facial data is being collected, stored, and shared, leaving them vulnerable to misuse by both governmental and private entities.

Facial recognition cameras represent a clear infringement on individuals' privacy rights and raise significant legal and ethical concerns that must be addressed through robust regulation and oversight.

Dissident7's Final Thought's

The UK is creeping dangerously on course to establishing a similar system to China with Ulez Camera's popping up across the country, facial recognition in stores, Shop and Go at Aldi (No Cash Needed), Covid Green Pass to get you used to a Digital ID and Rishi Sunak gleefully promoting the idea of a Central Bank Digital currency. For any UK citizen's reading this the way forward is to reject a Digital ID as Dr Mike Yeadon says “It may cause you inconvenience in the short term, but it the long term it could save your life!”. Consider investing in precious metals and privacy crypto currencies such as Monero and Ghost which can be exchanged for Bitcoin on Tradeogre , these may be value tools for privacy should a CBDC Digital currency be foisted upon us in the near future.

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